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Earn Cryptocurrency during Coronavirus Quarantine

Stuck at home during quarantine? You could be earning cryptocurrency without doing much work.

I hope all my frens out there are doing well. Stay safe. In the meantime, here are some ways I have been earning more cryptocurrency during quarantine.


1.) Lolli – Bitcoin Cashback when shopping online

Lolli is a browser extension that allows you to earn cashback (paid in Bitcoin or $USD).

Its pretty straight forward. Install it on your browser, it will let you know when you are shopping on an online store that you can earn cashback with, then it will pay you in Bitcoin a percentage you spend at the store. Put it on your computer or your familys computer and get yourself some easy Bitcoin cashback! I’ve earned 0.01+ BTC since installing it, cashed out onto my personal wallet.

Join Lolli here!


2.) FoldApp – Bitcoin Cashback when buying gift cards + Free Daily Spin

FoldApp is an iOS/Android App where you can purchase gift cards such as and receive Bitcoin Cashback.

They also have a Daily Spin feature where you can win 500 – 1,000 SATs (small portion of Bitcoin), cashback bonuses such as additional .5-1% cashback on next purchase, and more!

I’ve been lucky enough to win 1,000,000 million SATs on their Daily Spin. I use this daily. I’ve cashed out 0.01+ BTC since I started using it a month or so ago.

Join FoldApp here!


3.) MCO Debit Card

This is something I highly recommend if you are active or interested in cryptocurrency. has a free debit card you can sign up for that gives cryptocurrency cashback in the form of MCO token which you can trade for Bitcoin, spend with your debit card, or sell for USD to your bank account.

You can load your debit card with $USD from your bank account for FREE. Then you spend it with your debit card earning cashback, 1-5% on every single purchase you make with it.

This is the best cashback debit card I know of. I’ve earned 0.10+ BTC since I started using this last year. I use it as my main credit/debit card since it is essentially free cryptocurrency for using it to make your everyday purchases.

Join MCO Debit Card here!

Use my referral code “8f2i1gck1j” if you would like to help me when signing up.


4.) Pei App

Pei App gives you cashback when you use your credit/debit card at participating locations such as McDonalds or Taco Bell. You enter in your credit/debit card information and if you make a purchase with your card at a participating store shown in the app, you receive Bitcoin cashback.

Join Pei App here!


There you have it. Four ways to earn FREE BITCOIN by integrating these cryptocurrency apps into your daily life. It costs you nothing except a little time to setup, then you are on your way to becoming a Crypto Neet by enjoing free passive Bitcoin rewards!

These methods are all safe and I use them regularly. I recommend always withdrawing cryptocurrency into your personal wallet though, don’t let it sit on websites, you want to have personal control over your funds.

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