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Brave Browser to Reward You for Using the Internet

Want to see less ads?
Want some cryptocurrency?
Want to get paid just for using the internet?

Yes? Then its time to upgrade your browser!

The newest ad blocking web browser, Brave, not only makes websites loads faster but will also PAY YOU! It removes all ads and tracking from websites you visit making pages load faster and even rewards content creators. You also receive cryptocurrency just for using the Brave browser. Everyone wins!

What is Brave?

– Brave is a web browser, like Chrome or Internet Explorer.
– Brave blocks all ads and tracking making websites load FASTER
– Brave rewards the websites with cryptocurrency
– Brave PAYS YOU for occasionally viewing ads (optional)

How much can I earn?

Because earning BAT (Brave’s Cryptocurrency) is relatively new to the Brave browser, no one knows how much you can earn. It is best to start using the browser now so you do not miss out on any earnings.

How am I paid?

Brave pays you in their cryptocurrency BAT, Basic Attention Tokens. You can spend them to reward websites you like or withdraw them to places like Coinbase to turn them into USD.

How to get started with Brave?

Start right now by downloading the Brave browser!

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